Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 30th to the Hubby!

Celebration at Ye Olde Ship
Whiskey steak and ale within a pastry puff -- a British classic
Owned by a 5 year old

Tried a local joint in honor of the Hubby's 30th
Roasted pork belly on top of wasabi mashed potatoes and shitake mushrooms
Tender venison steak and blueberry venison sausage with bleu cheese/red sauce gnocchi

Last month involved the celebrations of the Hubby's 30th birthday -- a shocking reminder that we are no longer children pretending to play house. I've known the Hubby since he was 17 and much has happened since the day we met. From being friends to best friends, lovers, spouses and future parents-to-be, its been a never ending relationship that has only deepened through time and circumstances. You would think that years of getting to know someone would become boring, but I find that it is quite the opposite. I am still learning new things about him each day and hope to never stop discovering. He has taught me what it means to love as Christ loves us; not only through words, but by his actions and faithful commitment to our marriage. I am truly blessed.


  1. the food photos look delicious!

  2. future parents to be? you ARE rubbing your tummy in that first picture... hrrmmm

    1. Yah, I was actually sneakily doing that, you are quite observant ; )

    2. congratulations!! Spencer and I were just discussing how LEGIT your baby is going to be. he'll have the financial responsibility of mike, your fashion/cultural knowledge, and the sportiness of an Eng family member. not to mention super fat cheeks! ooh this baby will be a heartbreaker for SURE!

    3. awww hahahaha..thanks!! i sure hope he is somewhat into fashion/cultural knowledge ; ) i'm secretly hoping he'll root for the Sharks vs. the Ducks, but Mike is insistent that he becomes a Ducks fan like his Papa : P