Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY: Blinged-up kicks

Everything has been blinged out with glitter lately, and I was totally inspired by Honestly WTF's Miu Miu DIY. I thought to myself: I should re-vamp my old Jeffrey Campbell Mary Roks shoes that I abhor, after the "laces" kept falling off. The number of times I've had to glue those darn laces back onto the shoe left a residual glue stain that I could not stand looking at. My solution was to cover the entire front part with glitter to make it a new shoe, inspired by Miu Miu!
Mod Podge is a new discovery I wish I had discovered sooner. I always passed it up for fabric glue, wondering what the retro-looking bottle promised. Apparently, it is a glossy sealant that acts as a glue and dries completely clear, without the Elmer's glue effect. The mixture is a 2:1 ratio of Mod Podge and glitter. I found extra-fine glitter in the color champagne at my local Michael's store using the printable in-store coupon.
I taped off the areas I didn't want to be doused in glitter. I wanted to keep some of the natural color of my shoe to give it a bit of contrast, so I taped alongside the back wedge. After doing the first coat, I waited till it was nearly dry to put on the next. Since I feverishly piled the stuff onto my shoe, I only needed to do touch-ups during the third round. I let the shoe dry overnight before wearing them, and...voila!
Within the next week, I will be working alongside (and touching!) the Miu Miu glitter shoe collection (I'm sure every guy out there thinks they are hideous, but some of us women would beg to differ). Glittering your shoes is quite therapeutic, and now I want to make everything dull sparkle..and you should too! : )


  1. cuuuute! if only you could put some suede fabric on there too. :)

    great diy! i seriously need to do some diy stuff!

  2. looks awesome. :) i should really get around to dyeing some of my cardis that i'm bored with now ...

  3. isn't martha stewart glitter the best? love how the shoes turned out! just discovered your blog, hope you will check out mine!

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  5. beautiful!! <3