Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rings and things

Rings & things
Been finding some fun rings at my local Forever 21 at bargain prices! The ring on the far right was my HS class ring, which I found in an old box at my parents' place. I clearly remember wanting a light blue or pink stone in the center but settled for black onyx because it was the cheapest. Looking back, I'm glad I chose the black onyx because it is more wearable and classic than the colored stones : ) The Cartier ribbon bracelet was gifted by the Cartier vendors that stopped by our store a couple weeks ago. It's actual ceramic which has been doused with their new scent, and first available exclusively at Nordstrom during the anniversary sale (Beginning July 5th for Nordstrom cardholders and July 15th for the public). Yes, I am shamelessly advertising.
H&M top | Express shorts| citrine druzy pendant from ebay
Green & orange
As you can tell, I am taking full advantage of the color-blocking trend this season : )


  1. Your ring collections is so cute!! Love the high waisted red pants <3


  2. love rings! and your pictures are amazing:)

  3. your lil doggy is adorable! he look so nice and fluffy :D
    love the fun colors of your top girl!

  4. Your little pup is so cute!
    May I kindly ask what camera/lense you're using? The quality is amazing!

    1. Thank you! : ) I use a Nikon d7000. I believe it was the 17-50mm lens, I hope that helps!