Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not so secret garden.

Statue Garden

Statue Garden 2
H&M floppy hat, sundress from Target, vest from Kmart, Dolce Vita for Target wedges, vintage Vogue sunglasses, vintage Christian Dior bag taken from Mom, assorted jewelry from Beijing and Hawaii

We received free tickets to the Huntington Library and Gardens last week and decided to pay it a visit for old time's sake. It was a super-sunny day in Pasadena and we ended the night with margaritas in honor of Cinco de Mayo day : )
Antique jewelry
I loved this amazing jewelry, especially the peridot ring with a vine-like setting.
Leah 2
My beautiful friend Leah, who shares the same love and appreciation for art nouveau as I do.
Convo piece
"Plastic" flowers


  1. you look absolutely stunning! perfect summer look lady

  2. so prettttty. okay, i feel like i'm saying this all the time when i'm on your blog. lol.

    i remember the huntington library! love that place :) along with the getty and the getty villa. we should totally go next time i'm down.

    ps. i adore the pic of you and your friend laughing. it should be framed!

  3. what are you still doing up at this time?? hahaha. but look who's talking right? i went over on nordy's website immediately after reading your comment... which sam edelman's shoes are you referring to?! .... ughh, must not spennddd. though, i really like the JC 'reality' sandal! LOL.

    hey! i just remembered... can you send me that website where you got your hermes bracelet?! i'd love to check it out if you remember what site it is :)

    and yes, the getty villa it is! we shall make it happen when i visit in... ummm july!

    ps. it'd be easier to text you but i don't wanna make too much noise. :P

  4. the garden looks amaziing!! wow! i want to go there and sit all day smalling that great air, of flowers :) yu both look stunning by the way!

    Farah from Fashionfabrice

  5. You are so flipping adorable! Loving your cute lil dress and the picture of the two of you laughing is "picture perfect". Loving your blog :)

    xo Lynzy