Thursday, October 28, 2010

Delayed Seattle Photos

Gloom and doom
The Seattle Pier. Photo was enhanced to make the gloominess more apparent, heheh (this was also the trip that led to a deceased SLR, unfortunately before any photos were taken).

This was perhaps our third visit as a couple to Seattle, a city we have considered settling down in numerous of times. It may very well be a place we call home in the future, but for now we are soaking up the rays in California with loved ones surrounding us. However, there may be a time for us to move up there, and I sure hope more people we know will feel the same urge!

Anyway, these photos were taken back in August, while Mike had a business trip and we wanted to pay a visit to our loverly friends who are former Californians. They've been recruiting us to move since. We've been having friends ask us what to do, see, eat at specific cities we venture to, so I figured I might as well start blogging more about our vacations. Some old vacay spots may pop up on this site every once in awhile when I feel like reminiscing...stay tuned!
Make a wish!
My favorite little model.
Blackberries grow like weeds here...I was tempted to pick some off the side of the road.
Queen Anne
Queen Anne- One of my favorite places in the Seattle area. They also have a cute downtown area filled with little bookshops, cafes, boutiques and pastry shops. Sort of reminds me of the East Coast in a charming kind of way. I intend on retiring here one day...
Art Installation
Saw this random bench + floral arrangement that was supposedly part of an art installation.
Sweet Iron Belgian Waffles
Found this little shop while roaming around downtown Seattle. The perfect morning snack that has a bit of a sweet crunch with every bite, topped with bananas flambe and cream.
Fremont Vintage Mall
Fremont Vintage Mall - One of the coolest vintage shops I've seen, found in the Fremont District in Seattle. Sort of like the eclectic, urban part of the city. After entering this store, you feel as though you've been transported into the 60s, my favorite decade. They sell all sorts of knick knacks ranging from houseware/decor to clothing and records. We managed to score a Michael Jackson record for free dollars after our grand total.
Seattle Public Library
Got lost inside the crazy architectural design of the Seattle Public Library, definitely worth going inside.
Raindrops on berries... doesn't the rain just make everything more magical? I know most Californians hate rain (which is why they live there), but I love it. It makes everything look more lush and dewy and not a trace of smog is to be found in Seattle.

More recommendations from past trips:
Maneki Japanese Restaurant - An authentic Japanese hole-in-the-wall that's located in the heart of Japantown in downtown Seattle (yes, there is one). They have everything from your basic sushi/rolls, tempura to the more homestyle small plates (their black cod is amazing). This place has stuck around for over 100 years, and there's a good reason why.

Royal Grinders - Located in downtown Seattle in the Fremont district, this place looks like an ordinary sub sandwich shop, but throws Subway out of the water. They serve their bread hot and toasted with fresh deli meats, veggies of your choice and a side of their house dipping sauce (tastes like sweet marinara sauce). They also sell gelato, and they give you a mini scoop on top of your regular-sized scoop so you can sample another flavor.

Salty's On Alki Beach - Mike took me to this restaurant for my birthday the year we got married. I'd come here specifically for the Blackened Salmon and city view, it's absolutely breathtaking. Grab a table by the window and all you see is the water and city lights of Seattle (if you go for dinner). I believe the last time we went, they used Copper River Salmon, which is only available during certain seasons and originates from Alaska. It is unlike any kind of salmon I've ever tasted. They are considered the fattiest of all, making them rich and tasty, mm...

I think there were more recs, but I can't remember them at the moment. Feel free to message me if you would like me to post a specific city recommendation!

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