Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hermés Collier De Chien

"The Hermès Collier de chien bracelet has been an 'it' item for years and recently experienced a new boom in popularity."
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Along with the Chanel 2.55 bag, the Collier de chien bracelet is one of those classic items that will remain timeless, something you can hand down to your children and grandchildren. The bracelet came about after the belt version was created in the 1920s. A couple decades later, the bracelet version was created and has become popular since. It's almost strange to think that this studded bracelet was worn during the 40s, as studs have been gaining popularity recently.

An interesting tidbit is the meaning behind the company's name. I did some Wiki research on Hermes, who was a guide to the underworld in Greek mythology. He was a messenger, and hermeneus, describes an interpreter that bridges the gap between strangers. From this, the term hermeneutics, the study of theory and interpretation (Bible study, anyone?) was developed.

Due to the obsession with the Collier De Chien, Hermés came up with a DIY version of their famous bracelet. Feel free to download the template and create your own, I'd like to see what kinds of interesting designs people come up with : )

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  1. Wowwww. its amazing! LOL

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  2. I still love that bracelet so much! It's such a great statement piece x Sushi

  3. I made my own°°


    PS: I post a new outfit! Hope to see u in my blog! =)