Saturday, April 24, 2010

They call me mellow yellow.

Mellow Yellow
Floral kimono from Victoria's Secret, old floppy hat gifted from Target, MxMJ sunnies, linen tank from zara, belt from BR, R&D skinnies, Jeffrey Campbell peep-toe wedges
It definitely felt like Spring today. After random bouts of rain and gloominess, the sun has returned in all its glory! I guess I couldn't really live in Seattle after all. The Hubby and I decided to be local tourists today, since its been awhile since we had a free Saturday; plus we needed the break from thesis writing and GMAT studying. So of course we had to hit up our favorite brunch spot in San Marino:
This cute French brunch/lunch joint is located on a small street, lined with tiny boutiques. This place makes you feel like you're in Provence (I've never been there, but I assume it would be somewhat similar). One section is the restaurant plus outdoor seating, the second section is where they sell all the french imported goodies, eye candy pastries & sweets, as well as a mini-library of coffee table-worthy books...a few of the reasons why I adore this place.
creme brulee lemon scone
Their creme brulee lemon scone is seriously to-die-for, along with their other savory & sweet breakfast items, all which have been scrumptious!
Paris booklets
French jams
Julienne (brunch is served till 11:30 on Sat)
2651 Mission Street
San Marino, California 91108

Stopped by a garage sale prior to brunch and picked up a vintage handmade piece of artwork for $5 and an italian scarf for $1.
Moulin pink
I've been trying to get back into art...a long lost art in itself! Below is my interpretation of Audrey. I was tired of the previous painting and needed a fun break. Contrary to many beliefs, those floating disks are french macarons, not hamburgers. : )
Media: oil-paints

My mother's birthday is coming up, so I decided to go back to my childhood roots and paint her one of my fave childhood photos of her and I.
Mommy & Me

Have a delightful weekend!


  1. Davina! your paintings are gorgeous!!!!

  2. I love your wedges and your paintings! I've said the same thing about Seattle during that last rainy spell we had last week - but I'll probably change my mind again when the temps are 100 degrees in August :P