Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dark night.

Wearing: Band-aid skirt, striped shirt from macy*s, DIY bracelet turned necklace, silver knit shirt-turned vest taken from Gramma, Faryl Robin platforms

Had an anti-climatic Halloween. I really look forward to Halloween each year for some odd reason (childhood deprivation for Trick-o-treatin'), and the past few have been letdowns. Other than wrapping a piece of foil on my wrist to get a free burrito at Chipotle, I wasn't in the mood to "dress-up." I've given up on throwing a Halloween party due to a flakey turnout the first time. I think people our age just want to use this festivity as an excuse to dress promiscuously without being called a vile name, immerse themselves in debauchery and wake up with hangovers. Kind of over that. 

The pros this year were seeing my friend's awesome "Pirate's Cove," a scarier version of The Pirates of Caribbean, which her family built from scratch as a Halloween tradition each year. They literally brought the entire neighborhood and beyond. Second plus was seeing our friend's daughter dress in an Ariel costume we got her. We went Trick-o-treatin' with her last year as well and it sort of made me want a child of my own, hah. Ended the night watching Coraline with the Hubby and my cousin until we were super sleepy and ready to crash. I loved the stop-motion art involved in this beautifully done film. I can't even imagine how long it must've taken them to do each scene. And that was my Halloween.

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