Monday, October 12, 2009


Coco Avant Chanel
Wearing: sheer blouse- INC, sequined vest- f21, tuxedo pants- urban outfitters, suede boots- dansko, glasses- chanel, pearls- hawaii
Mocha Chanel
Mocha, is sporting a tweed jacket she received as a gift from a generous family. How suitable for the occasion : )
All dressed in Chanel-style
Finallly went to see Coco Avant Chanel with Jewel. I loved the cinematography, storyline, Audrey Tatou and so much more. Anne Fontaine did a wonderful job in depicting one of the most important women in fashion history. It's astonishing to see how Gabrielle "Coco," an ordinary woman, build her dreams from scratch. Fashion was a lifestyle for Coco and her simple style lacked the gaudy-ness that was often seen in the high-class society of her time; such a contrast from the modern-day Chanel.


  1. Great look, not only yours :) dog is soo cute :)

  2. Agatiszka is my nickname, my name is Agata. You should pronounce it: agateeshka, more or less like that :D