Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

In a little over a month, the life story of Coco Avant Chanel will be on the big screen. One of my favorite French actresses, Audrey Tautou (she reminds me of French version of Audrey Hepburn), will star as "Coco Chanel." Lifetime had recently recreated their "American" version of her story, which was decently adequate, but I am even more excited about the one coming out onto the big screens. It always intriques me to watch or read about how successful people toiled and labored in order to follow their dreams and desires in life. I feel as though these people become more human-like when you see their weaknesses and how they have failed numerous times but never fail to give up.

Knowing about the history of a company makes me want to buy from them, I'm such a sucker. My guess is that Chanel handbag sales will go uppity-up after the movie. Karl Lagerfeld will have a lot to smile about.

Price of a Chanel bag: $2500+
That ought to drill a major hole into your wallet, let alone savings account. If this woman was a struggling peasant at one point in her life, why has the company made it only attainable to the "privileged?" This concept baffles me.